Retro Boogie Night:


Better and more affordable then a band! 

Not just some nerd poking around on a laptop!

We're talking a world class skilled Video DJ/MC with a love for the classics. 


Its classic music & video made modern. 


Imagine a themed Retro party catering to the 80's/Disco Lovin demographic but also able to satisfy a younger crowd!   :-)


Its a great themed video party that is customized  to your specific event! 


About DJ Kev:

Top Facebook/Reverbnation DJ in Texas over 50,000 followers!


Handled over 500 private and public events (large clubs, weddings, corporate events, music festivals) nationwide! 


Fortune 500 clients: Including ESPN, SamSung, Dell, Apple Computer, Google and Marriott!


Over 5 years of on air radio experience with I Heart Media. 


*****Honorably discharged US Military Veteran. 




  • Excellent communication skills with large crowds, quick, witty thinker.  Professional appearance. 

  • Able to play seamlessly to diverse crowds (clean versions upon request). 

  • Top of the line QSC Audio and Video Systems!

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